The largest producer of wire and cable in Isfahan province

  • Shayan Simkan Industries Co. (JSC) was established in 1997 with the approval of the Isfahan Province Mines and Industries Directorate in a land area of 33,000 square meters and a 12,000 square meter infrastructure with the aim of producing wire and cable in Antwerp Industrial City and established in 1998. It has obtained a license and has officially started operating.

    Now with over 20 years of experience and nominal production capacity of 10,000 tonnes, low voltage self-supporting cables, medium voltage air conductors, control cables, spray cables and aluminum and copper power cables are of high quality. Produces the national standard of Iran and other international standards such as VDE, BS, IEC. Implementation of ISO / TEC 17025 Laboratory Management System, Accreditation Lab Certification (Partner) Certification from Standard Institute, ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certification, ISO 10002 Customer Complaint Management System Certificate and CE Certificate, Certificate Is on this claim.

    General Assembly of Shareholders of 1398
    Attending the Iraq-Baghdad International Exhibition
    Isfahan Province has been honored as the highest standard unit
  • Shayan Simkan Industries Co. (PJS) is one of the pioneers of the Iranian wire and cable industry with the ability to produce more than 1200 types of products, which is active in the design and production of copper and aluminum wires and cables. The company utilizes specialized and committed manpower using world-class machinery and a firm belief in customer-centricity in establishing and upgrading its quality management system, outlines its policies and quality policy as follows:

    Continuous and sustained efforts to improve the quality of products in accordance with national and international standards
    Improving customer satisfaction by identifying and meeting customer needs
    Create sustainable competitive advantage by expanding the share of domestic and foreign markets
    Promoting human resources capacity as a core asset of the organization through systematic training
    Increase production efficiency and reduce waste, with a view to continuous improvement
    Endless efforts to build trust and enhance company reputation
    Attracting and expanding employee participation in corporate governance to increase productivity and contribute to the results.
    Continuous improvement of productivity and efficiency in production process and integrated management system support processes.
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